Svastia offers an independent platform for antibody drug development using phage- or other display technologies. Due to the sensitive nature of novel molecules, Svastia offers the flexibility of hosting the platform in-house or in private cloud environments.

Product features:

  • Sanger sequencing or NGS-based selection of antibodies (included with the offer)
  • Identification, annotation and numbering of VH/VL, germlines, FRs/CDRs
  • Advanced sequence alignments (whole-sequence and within domains, FR/CDRs)
  • CDR3 diversity/uniqueness analysis and clustering (‘unique’ and ‘identical’ CDR3s)
  • Screen for expression liabilities (activity loss, aggregation, process inconsistency, target-independent toxicity, etc.)
  • Various estimated IgG combinations’ biophysical parameters
  • Curated Ab DB: Sequence (VH/VL), Structure and Ab/target metrics of approved Abs and clinical candidates (if available)
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