Our cell-based drug efficacy screening offers flexible and robust experiment in a wide range of cell lines, empowered by a genetics-aided cell line selection portal and post-processing bioinformatics to identify novel effects of drug molecules.

Offer summary:

  • A minimum of 10 experiments – each experiment is a combination of cell line(s), drug concentrations, combinations, and the number of replicates
  • Unlimited number of additional experiments from one to many combinations
  • Genetics-aided cell line selection portal prior to experiments: bank of standard or genetically modified cell lines (ATCC, CCLE, JCRB and Korean cell banks), or send us your cell lines
  • Compare against standard-of-care compounds
  • Identify enhancers of your drug molecules through combination screening
  • Range of assay end points with options to combine genomic sequencing
  • Explore conditions that mimic tumor micro-environments, with the further possibility of testing in CDX mouse models
  • 4 to 6-week turnaround from ordering to end results
  • Bioinformatics:

  • Novel biomarkers of sensitivity/resistance through chosen cell lines
  • Multi-drug combinations – option to specify molecules in the market
  • Combine RNASeq experiments if needed
  • Pathways/networks in oncology
  • Pre-experiment study design, cell line and experiment selection through the interactive Svastia portal
  • Design and order your cell-based screening study Create account